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પા...રસ છું, પારસમણિ નથી |

ઘર મારુ છે પણ, હું ઘરધણી નથી

It is the fact that no man can ever succeed without a robust team, so the main reason behind the success of my programs is the grace of my Gurudev and the great support of many people behind the cutains.
My wel-wisher Nisarg Virdiya who is involved in all my activities and manages all my programs and my best friend Amit Babaria (author) compiling the script of the program. Such is my elder friend Harshadbhai Vaghela.

These are the people I am proud of and in most of my programs my friends and art worshipers Trilok Vaghela (banjo player), Rakesh (tabla), Mansingh Gohil (folk singer) and many other art worshipers from Gujarat are in my tune. The accompaniment that I mention is because all these individuals are connected to me from the heart.

Meet Our Team